Rio Porcelain at Virgin Bar

Private Launch Party
Date : 20th august, 2010
Venue : Itaewon, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Peanut Circuit’s “Rio” Porcelain will be represented at Virgin Bar.
Virgin Bar presents quality drinks, food and music surrounded by artworks and multiples.

Music by Fortune Cookie
유희종 Heejong Yoo – A Guitar, Synth, Live Electronic
임대웅 Daewoong Lim – Melodion, Piano
안상욱 Sangwook Ahn – Brazilian Percussion

Visual by Peanut Circuit (Oyvind Renberg & Miho Simizu)

The Virgin Bar
739-6 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-893, Korea
Tel: +82 (2) 790 1471

Opening hours:
Sunday – Thursday 18:00 – 02:00
Friday – Saturday 18:00 – 03:00

Animation by Peanut Circuit

Rio in Seoul from Shimizu Renberg on Vimeo.

Live performance by Fortune Cookie

Danger Museum collaborated with the band Fortune Cookie on an LP record project. Fortune Cookie produced the music while Danger Museum developed a collage work for the album cover.

The project initiated a photographic and musical exploration trip to Brazil in 2007. It drew inspiration from the country’s impact in the world community over the centuries, through trade, such as of sugar, gold and coffee. These were commodities that particularly fed into the social fabric of Europe. Today Brazilian music continues this process of cultural pollination, affecting trends across the world. The Korean electronic pop duo Fortune Cookie (Boram Hong and Heejong Yoo) exemplifies this, mixing their own electronica pop and Korean folk influences with bossa-nova and other Latin American music forms. For the LP, Fortune Cookie worked with sounds from Brazilian natural areas, street life and beaches as well as recordings of Brazilian musicians.

For the album cover, Danger Museum developed a repeating wallpaper design to collage together photographs from Rio, Ihla Grande and Salvador. The cover works as a fold-out poster in nine square panels, linked together with decoratively painted jungle vegetation: the top of a tree in one panel forms the grass in another, and so on.

Rio porcelain extends from Art of Cheese – the wallpaper-like repetition of the  LP cover adopted to ceramic decoration – further exploring an artwork in the domestic sphere. The Rio series were produced with the classical Norwegian porcelain and earthenware manufacturer Figgjo. The series was launched at Tou Scene during the European Capital of Culture in Stavanger, in 2008.

Side A
1. 32 Hours
2. Lonely Planet
3. Pink Porpoise
4. Queen of the Jungle (feat. Iris)

Side B
1. Buffer-fly (Dream of Zhuangzi)
2. Lost in Salvador
3. Ipanema Man (feat. Earl McNorth)