08.03 – 13.04 2008

UKS, Oslo, Norway.

Opening: 7 March, at 7. p.m. with the special guest DJ Hansi and single release!

Danger Museum has developed a large part of their work through collaboration with artists, musicians, curators and cultural institutions during their temporal inhabitance in various cities: London, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Aberdeen and Cork, to name a few.
Their backbone interest is to investigate inscribed or hidden boundaries, tension, canon and traditions in the people or the community they encounter. Through their pursuit of research, the artists attempt to create a sphere that activates reflection and tenuous articulations. With their openness in modes of work, Danger Museum has taken on various positions and roles from producers of artwork to facilitators, interviewers and editors in their projects.
Recycled gathers Danger Museum’s works from the past major projects in a single gallery space for the first time. Unlike an accountable retrospective, the artists and curator Kyongfa Che attempted to treat the exhibition as a project to re-capture each work in relation to the UKS gallery as a contextual and visual field. For that purpose, the selection for this exhibition focuses on photographic, collage and tableau pieces.
In their conceptual groundwork, Danger Museum developed the idea for a new piece, applying the form of tatebanko: a paper diorama from the 17th century Japan. As popular paper toys, tatebankos often depicted scenes from the Kabuki theatre. The components of a certain scene were woodblock printed on a sheet of paper to be cut out and reconstructed as a three-dimentional miniature. Danger Museum’s tatebanko expands on their interest in collage as a process of recycling experiences and images from particular sites in order to form subtle commentaries. Cocurrently, the tatabenko encloses the UKS gallery and the audience in a theatrical mini-tableau, drawing them to the artists’ diverse approaches and visual languages. The tatebanko will be presented as a free poster to be taken and assembled by the audience.
On the occasion of the exhibition, Danger Museum launches a 7-inch vinyl record containing Mad Semen Guru’s original version of Ipanema Man and a remix by Heejong Yoo, which was produced in the project Art of Cheese in January 2008. Also featured in the exhibition is a new textile poster produced by Tokuko Shimizu, who has made one for almost every exhibition Danger Museum produced.