Seeing Double

Seeing Double from Oyvind Renberg on Vimeo.

On the 25. of June Øyvind opens his residency exhibition at Art Center Ongoing in Kichijoji, Tokyo. The exhibition coincides with the shooting of a new video piece Seeing Double at Ongoing´s first floor gallery. Earlier video works and watercolours will be presented on the ground floor.


Over his past two months in residence, Øyvind has collaborated with dancers Aoki “Aokid” Naosuke and Taku Yoshida, developing a choreography for a new performance. The collaboration also includes the cast of Demizu “Demy” Kentu, Kyle Yamada and Satoshi Katagiri. Miho Shimizu has produced costumes and set pieces for the installation environment where the performance will be conducted and filmed.


Aoki “Aokid” Naosuke and Taku Yoshida

The project follows the video work Free Townswoman, tracing 24 hours in a medieval greengrocer´s stall, shot in Berlin earlier this year. Both projects stage pre-industrial settings, which allows for an exploration of close, sometimes crammed relationships between people. With color, costumes, characters and set pieces inspired by historic paintings and old tableau vivants, the projects use simple actions and human interplay as the basis for choreography. Seeing Double is set in an Izakaya bar ca year 1900, and follows the cycle of leisure of the main characters – a postman (Yoshida) and the Fisherman (Naosuke). Their choreography explores friendship as a form of mimicry. The two are synchronised, choreographed around basic actions like walking, sitting down, drinking – hanging out.


Watercolour, 2014.


¥400(with tea)

□Opening hours

Wednesday to Friday: 15:00-21:00

Saturday,Sunday: 12:00-21:00

※Monday and Tuesday closed


25,June (wed) 20:00~

Opening Reception

admission:¥1000(with food and one drink)


29,June (sun) 18:00~

Closeing Reception

admission:¥1000(with food and one drink)


The Friends

Aoki “Aokid” Naosuke: Fisherman & Taku Yoshida: Postman

The Bartenders

Demizu “Demy” Kento: Bartender #1 & Kyle Yamada: Bartender #2

The Drifter

Satoshi Katagiri

Costumes and soft set pieces:

Miho Shimizu


Michiko Tsuda


Mizuyo Takamura

Special thanks to:

Aoki “Aokid” Naosuke, Taku Yoshida, Nozomu Ogawa and the Ongoing Staff, Kanako Iwanaka, Isaji Yugo and Miho Shimizu

Produced at Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo

Øyvind´s residency process is documented here.

FB event here.