Recharged Collections

Group show of MA course “Museum as artistic medium”
Helsinki City Museum in cooperation with University of Art and Design

1st April 2009 – 24th April 2009
Opening: 31st March 17:00 – 19:00 (Invitation attached)

Helsinki City Museum
Sofiankatu 4, Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +358 (0)93101041

During this study term the students of the University of Art and Design got a fine opportunity to have a peak into the collections of Helsinki City Museum. We visited the collection centre and were surprised by the amount of artefacts. Also the strict protocols of the museums caught our attention: use of white gloves, the number codes of the objects or the visually intriguing cardboard boxes. As a result there are new insights and interpretations of the museums collections. One crucial role of the museum is to produce knowledge, but also more and more relevant is the ability for the museum to give emotional impulses with its exhibitions. Therefore art can first of all bring new interpretations, secondly subjective viewpoints and thirdly visualize contemporary ideas of beauty. Anyway, in all cases there is a desire to find another angle into the collections. The idea is to transfer the tools of art somewhere they have not been present before.

Elina Aho
Tea Jarma-Vartiainen
Maija Ojanen
Miho Shimizu (Danger Museum)

Teacher: Outi Turpeinen