Scroll (Studio)


We are currently in the process of designing a new handscroll, continuing on from the production initiated as part of a residency with HKS in Bergen. While the first scroll, Damsgård, played with the idea of site (the Damsgård mansion outside Bergen) and the passing of time, through a repeating wallpaper pattern, the new scroll will be constructed around an open-ended narrative relating to the Norwegian west coast scenery. Working on large scale watercolor panels, we are using regular brushes and airbrush, combining painterly and photographic effects as well as traits from traditional, Japanese woodblock prints. The finished panels (12-15 are planned in total) will exist as works in their own right, as well as making blueprints for a handscroll to be produced in silkscreen. During her stay with Kurt Kurt in Berlin, Miho has joined Oyvind in his Moabit studio over the past few weeks, and we just completed the first panel.

Here we present snapshots from the process, supplying more as the production develops. The Damsgård scroll and HKS residency can be explored further here.