Oslo Open

Oslo, Norway

Artists in Oslo open their studio to public. There are some exhibitions listed as part of this event.

We will open our studio to introduce recent activities, mainly interviews related to Oslo Open and ongoing research for Sculpture Biennale project, which will be happening late this year (2003).Three different sized tvs are presenting interviews that we conducted. By using different types of tvs, the interviews became no less important than the other, but create a sense that those people we interviewed are representitive of different positions and they are merely given a spot light in this occassion. Both Øyvind Renberg and Miho Shimizu will be waiting for you at the studio.

Opening time:
29th August 17:00-21:00
30th and 31st 12:00-18:00

Interview with the organiser of Oslo Open, Mariane and the artist involved in Oslo Open, Lars is presented in the tv. The other tv presented an interview with Anne Berit Nedeland about the film she made with a film maker, Ann Elise Pettersen in 1985. The film was also presented together with the interview. The choice of this film is because one of the location is Vigeland Park, and in relation to the fact that we are presenting our project at Vigeland Museum and Øyvind when he was 11 is in the film, made it interesting to look at the film again in today’s context