Art Of Cheese

Multiple Choices: All of The Above

Ana Linnemann, Rio de Janeiro
Danger Museum, Oslo, Tokyo
Alex Villar, New York

17. JAN – 10. FEB 2008
Oslo Kunstforening
Rådhusgaten 19
N-0158 Oslo

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Art of Cheese

For the exhibition Multiple Choices, All of The Above at Oslo Kunstforening, Danger Museum collaborates with the band Fortune Cookie on an LP record project. Fortune Cookie produces the music while Danger Museum develops a collage work for the album cover.

The project initiated a photographic and musical exploration trip to Brasil in 2007. It draws inspiration from the country’s impact in the world community over the centuries, through trade, such as of sugar, gold and coffee. These were commodities that particularely fed into the social fabric of Europe. Today Brasilian music continues this process of cultural pollonation, affecting trends across the world. The Korean electronic pop duo Fortune Cookie (Boram Hong and Heejong Yoo) exapmlifies this, mixing their own electronica pop and Korean folk influences with bossa-nova and other Latin American music forms. For the LP, Fortune Cookie works with sounds from Brasilian natural areas, street life and beaches as well as recordings of Brasilian musicians.

Danger Museum has previously interpreted album cover artwork. In An Clar Glas (The Grey Album) they re-staged Peter Blake’s Beatles Sgt Pepper Cover as part of a residency that explored the relationship between an arts centre and its audience. Their interest in popular imagery and design has also been directed towards antique pictorial wallpapers, which they have used as structures for new images. While these wallpapers were essentially designed to form an architectual ambience, they also offer a pictorial space with its own logic, wherein Danger Museum’s fascination lies. During a residency with Wysingarts in Cambridge the group recreated large scale a 19th century panoramic wallpaper, a style traditionally used to juxtapose several famous – often colonial events – in the same panoramic view. The panorama became the backdrop for a three dimmensional tableau with objects from some of Cambridge University Museums: religious artifacts, ancient artworks, craft items and bone specimens – placed in an altogether new context.
For the forthcoming album cover Danger Museum uses the so called “box” wallpaper style to collage together photographs from Rio, Ihla Grande and Salvador. The cover will be a fold-out poster of in all nine square panels, linked together with decoratively painted jungle vegetation: The top of a tree in one panel forms the grass in another and so on.

The LP is presented in a play-it-yourself listening table designed by the Swedish artist Markus Degerman.

Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie (myspace)
Markus Degerman
Alex Villar
Ana Linnemann

Art of Cheese Dog

Side A
1. 32 Hours
2. Lonely Planet
3. Pink Porpoise
4. Queen of the Jungle (feat. Iris)

Side B
1. Buffer-fly (Dream of Zhuangzi)
2. Lost in Salvador
3. Ipanema Man (feat. Earl McNorth)

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