Sensory field

Collaboration with Reiko Tada and Yuko Hikima
1st August 1999, Tokyo, Japan

Miho Shimizu joined the art event called Sensory Field in Shibuya, Tokyo. The theme was “communication”, including video works, installations and performances by around 10 artists.

Representing Danger Museum, Miho presented portable “ice cream box style” solo shows by Reiko Tada’s and Yuko Hikima, a museum shop and a museum bar. Reiko showed her illustration works on fabric, an artist book and some sketchbooks. Glass art student Yuko showed glass objects and portfolio.

Postcards by Reiko Tada, Keiko Komatsu and Tokuko Shimizu, a flower sculpture by Miho Shimizu, a hand made book by Yuko Hikima were presented in the Danger Museum shop.