Möbius (in production)

Möbius is a video project for exhibition at Damsgård hovedgård in 2016.

The screenplay for the video explores the fluid identity of a place, structured as a circular journey through the rooms of the Damsgård 18th century manor. Moving from the Master’s spartan bedroom and strict gardens in east to the Lady´s playful English garden and chamber in the west, its reveals the intricately decorated interiors of the Medaljon Room, The Yellow Room, The Blue Room, the Red Cabinet, and the second floor Ballroom.  Shot at various times of the day, the piece will convey a full 24 hour cycle, introducing time as a framework for ordering life. The human aspect deepens as we will combine the location shots with live action scenes with actors shot in a studio. Mixing the deadpan location shots with staged studio scenarios, allows for a storytelling style that reflects the non-linear movement of the mind.

Excerpts from shoot at the Damsgård manor in Bergen, 31 August – 2 September 2015.
Camera and lights: Andrew Amorim
Direction and assistance: Miho Shimizu and Øyvind Renberg
Produced in affiliation with Bergen City Museum (Bymuseet) and Hordaland kunstsenter.

Möbius Location shots from Oyvind Renberg on Vimeo.