Möbius at Plexus Projects

January 20 (Mon.), 2020

Plexus Projects
198 Greenpoint Ave. #1
Brooklyn, NY 11222
street level storefront

Website here

Plexus Projects is pleased to present a solo exhibition of work by Miho Shimizu & Øyvind Renberg. Möbius will be featured in Vitrine, an ongoing screening series of moving image artworks.

*Please note projections are viewed from the sidewalk. The project space is not open during Vitrine screen hours.

Möbius. By engaging in a one-person board game, a shepherd leads a flock of sheep, a gang of banana juggling sailors and a party of rococo styled hedonists up a tower evoking the shell of an ammonite. When they reach the top on the tower’s spiraling steps, they tumble to the ground, forming new seabed sediments. Through split screen editing, the film explores how a life narrative can be told through a range of associations, memories and perspectives.