Miho Shimizu participating IKFU

Contact (Woody Allen)

Portraiture in the moving image
Curated by Tim Reed

Internationell Konst Film Utställning, IKFU
Vandalorum, Värnamo 9/3 – 4/7
Jönköpings Läns Museum 8/3 – 7/4

Internationell Konst Film Utställning, IKFU, is a pioneering project to promote interest in contemporary art in the Jönköping region of central southern Sweden. It is a biennial exhibition of art of the moving image, that is to say of films made by artists. Many of the artists who work in this field are graduates of art colleges who have practices that also include photography, painting, sculpture, installations, performance, music and sound art.

“Contact (Woody Allen)” by Miho Shimizu will be exhibited at the screening at Vandalorum.