Haven by Zora & Øyvind & Mums, project for Friends With Books

Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin 19–21 October 2018

Haven invites children to take part in a creative play project. By combining their sculptures and paintings in an installation for Friends With Books, artists Zora Mann and Øyvind Renberg have developed ideas and imagery beyond their individual practices. During the fair children are invited to join in and change the work further. The installation centers on the spiraling Amonite Staircase, a set piece from a film by Øyvind, converted into a surface for a large felt painting. Eyes, ears, beads, animals and geometric figures make a colorful and surreal picture that can be moved and composed into new, ever changing motives. Children can also engage in coloring-in drawings while lounging on Zora´s eye bean bags and painting converted to sitting matt. The project has evolved over the summer with the generous help by the artists mothers. Felt production and magnet painting assistance: Vivien Cahusac. Felt production assistance and textile fruit: Eva Baumann. Parents are welcome to play side by side with their children in Haven, and we hope the project can inspire more family collaborations. (The Amonite Staircase was originally produced with Miho Shimizu as a set piece for the film Möbius.)

The photographs feature the installation of Haven at the Friends With Books Fair (2018) and from Zora Mann´s  exhibition Being and Your Own Form at Gallery Chert Lüdde, Berlin (2018-19).