“Damsgård” mural, Volda

Commission for the Urban Art Projects, a newly started program of art in public spaces in beautiful Volda, Norway.

It was great to bring this motif back to the fjord landscapes that inspired it, after having it realised in Plymouth, UK and New York. The project extends from a series of works that explore the Asian picture scroll, initiated during travels on the Norwegian west coast. The particular motif site-source is the 18th century Damsgård mansion duck pond in Bergen, re-imagined in open wilderness. The piece turns an 18 meter wall in a thoroughfare behind the Hamnekvartalen harbour area in Volda into a viewing template for passersby.

Painted with the assistance of Espen Sæther Johannessen, Stefan Halck, Pål Djupegodt and Kasia Kwiatkowska.
Production period: May 31- June 4