Berlin Book Launch

Join us for the Berlin book launch of Tokuko Shimizu: TEXTILE POSTERS! Friday 25. November 2022, 18.00-22.00 at WIRWIR Berlin

The book’s co-author, Øyvind Renberg, will make a short presentation about the book.

WIRWIR will present original Textile Posters by Tokuko Shimizu, artworks by Danger Museum, and it will be the Berlin premier of Kumi Oda’s dance film featuring Mei and Kumiko Yamanaka, which was made in Tokyo in response to the work of Tokuko Shimizu. Plus: Salt Peanuts and Drinks! 

Tokuko Shimizu: TEXTILE POSTERS can be purchased for 35 Euros. 

Stuttgarter Str. 56
12059 Berlin-Neukölln

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