15. 02. – 18.04. 2005
Stenersenmuseet, Oslo, Norway

Danger Museum (Ostalgie) was initiated during a visit to Berlin in 2004 and presented at the BoundLess exhibition at Stenersenmuseet in Oslo. Traveling around the city we were fascinated by the small peculiarities on street level, like the German Hot Dog. Served with traditional bread roll, it seemed at first like a skewed American Hot Dog.

According to one East German anectdote, the Berlin würst-and-roll Hot Dog grew out of fantasies about the West and the shortcomings of East Berlin food supplies during the cold war. On the other side the US Dog is an American take on the Frankfurter “Dachshund” sausage vended by German immigrants in the 1800s.
So it appears that this food-icon has evolved across continents, in a process of adaptation, nostalgia and cultural translation.
The final piece consists of a textile, Hot Dog sofa-monument: a Berlin würst-and-roll version of Oldenburg’s American pop.